Soccer Baseball

This game worked out great as a follow-up to work with soccer skills. Some previous lessons and practice with dribbling, trapping, and punting make it a productive game.

Game was set up on a baseball diamond. Instead of bases I used hula hoops on the ground, with the exception of home plate which was a standard cone. Fielding team played traditional baseball positions. Kicking team needs 5 soccer balls. First kicker comes to home plate with 2 balls. The first ball is punted (I let them drop kick or kick from the ground as they are comfortable). The 2nd ball must be dribbled to 1st base and trapped in the hoop before the fielding team gets the punted ball trapped in the base. No hands are allowed — kicks only. Next kicker again has 2 balls, one punted & one dribbled to base. Fielding team can get either player out by trapping the punting ball into a base hoop. Game continues with the possibility of 5 balls being in play at once (1 on each base, kicker with punted ball and dribbling ball). To score at home, the dribbled ball had to hit the cone before the punted ball. It was a good paced game with some real focus on the dribbling and trapping. Everyone had a chance to kick and practice. Baseball and soccer fans alike seemed to enjoy the game.
*note: I had 8 players on a team. I did not play 3 outs. Every player kicked and then teams rotated. Strongest punter should kick last as they person needed “home run” to score.

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4 Responses to Soccer Baseball

  1. Jen says:

    I love this idea. I am going to use it today. I am looking for a way to transition out of soccer and into kickball and then into baseball. I think we will try this game a few times and then move to kickball. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. JHufker says:

    Great ideas. I am re-entering the teaching field after 12 years out and your ideas have made this transition much easier. Thank you for taking the time to share these great ideas!

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