Soccer Golf

We have been practicing soccer skills, mainly different kinds of kicks in PE this month.  This game was a fun, quick way to practice.

Students find a partner

Each partnership needs 1 ball and 1 hula hoop

You need a large playing area (perfect for outside fall weather)

Player throws hula hoop into empty space

Partners then take turns kicking the ball and trying to get it to land in the hoop

Count and see how many kicks it takes to get the ball to stay in the hoop (if it rolls out, that counts as 1 kick and play continues)

Throw the hoop again and try to decrease your number of kicks or throw the hoop farther

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2 Responses to Soccer Golf

  1. Maureen says:

    I have been teaching 8th grade for 21 years and this year I have taken on sending lesson plans to my daughters 3rd grade teachers (because honestly they do not do any physical education). I have to tell you, your website has been so helpful with creating games for the third grade class and I have even adapted some to fit my 8th grade classes. I forget my 8th graders love to “play” too. Thanks so much for helping an old dog learn some new tricks! Maureen

    • EJenkins says:

      I’m glad the site has been helpful . . . and I agree the 8th graders need to play too!

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