Maintain Don’t Gain

For our staff wellness focus this month, I chose the theme “Maintain Don’t Gain”.

The holidays are here and that means parties, treats, eating out, and all kinds of activities that tend to lead to weight gain. I have challenged our staff to just try and maintain their current weight within 2 pounds. All those weight loss goals can wait until January.

Overall, we are trying to write down everything we eat and do something active for 30 minutes per day. Each day I send a daily tip to help everyone along the way.

Here are the first week’s tips:

  • -keep a food journal
  • -sit and relax for 5 minutes
  • -drink 8 glasses of water
  • -balance your week overall — eat a fatty restaurant meal one day, then balance the next with a lo-fat soup for dinner
  • -when eating at a fast food restaurant, order the kids meal to lower portion size
  • -take a walk
  • -skip dessert today–instead wrap a treat up, write a thank-you note & deliver both to someone you owe some gratitude

It is working for me! I am actually down 1 pound 🙂 For more ideas on healthy meals for weight loss, check out Health Beet.