bean bags

Here is a progressive lesson plan idea I did with my 1st and 2nd graders this week.

10 minutes: fitness
5 minutes: Give them each a bean bag and have them practice tossing and catching (to themselves). I stressed that the goal was to catch the bag not how high they could throw it. They needed to do a medium-high toss so that it stayed straight and they could do a good catch. I also set some ground rules such as no throwing at the basketball hoop.
5 minutes: I had them try different locomotor skills with their bean bag on their head such as walking, skipping, and galloping. I beat a drum at different speeds and they were to move along with the drum and freeze when the beat stopped without losing their bean bag. We also did a few with the bag on the shoulder (sliding), back (walking), and back of hand.
5 minutes: I divided them up into groups of 5-6 and had them line up behind a cone. Each group had a hula hoop a few feet in front of them. In turn, each child tried to toss the bean bag into the hoop. When each group member had tossed, they counted how many were in the hoop. Repeat.
5 minutes: I added a circular, bowl type cone a few feet in front of the hoops that were already there. I used a little imagination telling them they were crabs under a spell and the only way to become human again was to find a bean bag treasure and place it in the magical underwater shell. The game went like this: each team member, in turn, had to crab walk to the hula hoop from the cone. All the bean bags were in the hula hoop. They used their crab pincher to pick up a bag and place it on their stomach, then crab walk to the round cone (magical shell) and place their bag in it. Once it was there, they were human again and they could run back to their group and tag the next person to go. Goal was to get the whole team human again.

This lesson went like clock-work. All the kids were engaged and active the whole time.