Hula Hoops

I pulled out the hula hoops today with 1st and 2nd graders. They are a fun and active prop with a lot of possibilities. Here is the sequence we followed:
1. Explore: Give them all a hoop and let them try anything for a few minutes.
2. Jump: Use the hoop like a jump rope. Hold in front with two hands and turn overhead, jump as the hoop passes under your feet. Can also try turning the hoop backwards or going back and forth.
3. Spin: Traditional hula hooping, turning hoop around on hips. I also gave them the freedom to try spinning around one arm, on their neck, etc.
4. Roll: I set up two rows of cones and had them try rolling their hoop along the floor weaving in and out of cones.
5. Relay: Line the kids up in rows. 2 kids hold the hoop; one inside with hoop at waist and holding it in front of him/her, and one on the outside holding the hoop like reins. Run together down and around a cone and back, then pass to the next 2 team members.
6. Around: Have the children hold hands in a big circle. Place on hoop on the wrist of one child and have them pass the hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of hands.

All my students stayed active and involved. In between each activity I would blow my whistle. I had instructed them before we started that when the whistle blew, they were to drop their hoop and sit down inside it and freeze. It worked great for management!