Jump Bands

Have you ever seen jump bands?  They are a new piece of equipment I have been trying out.  They are long, stretchy bands with a handle on each end.  Two players stand across from each other and hook the handles of 2 bands over their feet (kind-of like chinese jump rope).  Those two players then jump in rhythm — in, in, out, out, in , in, out, out (feet together, feet apart).  The jumper(s)  jump opposite the band holders — feet apart for 2 beats then together for 2 beats.  It is a very active activity for both jumpers and holders.  After my students got the basic rhythm down, I let them get creative.  Some did cartwheels or break dancing moves through the moving bands.  Other crossed four bands into an “x” and got a group going around in a circular motion. We ended by lining up 8-10 sets of bands on the gym floor.  All holders jumped the rhythm together.  The rest of the class lined up and went down the row with this rhythm —  one foot in, 2nd foot in, 1st foot out, 2nd foot out.  It was a lot of fun and great exercise.