Centipede Relay

Centipede Relay is a fun game that can be played indoors or outdoors.  It is a good cardiovascular activity as the students really get moving, but can be done in smaller spaces.  The game works with small or large groups; just adjust the amount of teams you have.  Teams should have 4-8 players.

Place 2 hula hoops per team on opposite ends of play area.  Fill 1 of the hoops with miscellaneous  tossables such as bean bags, different ball sizes, etc.  I always throw in a rubber chicken for fun and the kids love that.  Students then line up behind the hoop with the tossables.  The task is to move the items down to the other hoop.  They do this by passing between the legs then over the head (every other person) one item at a time.  When the first person has handed off, he/she runs to the end of the line so that the line keeps shifting and moving towards the next hoop.  They move one object at a time and then run back and begin passing the next object.  You can play race-style and see which team gets their objects to the other hoop first; or have them play for a certain amount of time.  When indoors, I add fun music and they play until the music stops.  It is a crazy, fast-moving game.