Scarf Juggling

My first and second graders really loved playing with scarves this week.  They are a colorful and fun manipulative to try.  I first passed them out and we played “freeze dance” while holding the scarf.  They loved dancing around with a scarf in hand.  We then did some beginning juggling:

1.  Hold the scarf by the corner.  Toss across your body and catch with the opposite hand.

2.  Stand across from a partner.  Both toss scarves at the same time and catch your partner’s scarf.

3.  Give each student a second scarf.  Scarves are tossed across the body, making an ‘x’.  Follow this pattern:  toss, toss, catch, catch.  I have them repeat with me “toss, toss, catch, catch”.  (they tend to want to toss, catch, toss, catch).

4.  Play fun music while students practice.  They love it!