Indoor Games

Although I generally speak extensively about getting your kids outdoors, even in the winter, I live in the real world, and sometimes it’s just too stinkin cold, or dark, to be outside!  So here are a few indoor games that might get your kids (and you) off the couch.

  1. Paper Plate Frisbee:  We love Frisbee, but I would never let my kids do that inside.  I would with paper plates though! Let your kids decorate a paper plate, and then play a fun game of Frisbee.  Even if it hits a lamp, the lamp usually won’t tip over ( I know because it’s happened!)  Another twist is to hang target circles with construction paper from the ceiling and have them try to get their paper plate frisbee through the hole (kind of like Quidditch)
  2. Treasure Map:  Make a map of your house.  Label landmarks with silly names like “The Fridge to Tarabitha”. Send them all over the house until the find the treasure.
  3. Falling Statues:  Have two pieces of cardboard a few feet apart.  Have a child stand on each piece of cardboard each holding the end of a rope.  They have to pull on the rope, and try to get their sibling to fall off of their piece of cardboard.
  4. Blindfolded obstacle course: Set up a fun obstacle course that they must navigate with a blindfold on.  Time each other using the same course so they can get better and better at it, beating their own time each time.  If your children don’t like to be blindfolded, instead set up the obstacle course where the ground is “hot lava” and they have to climb across the obstacles to get to the other side, without touching the hot lava.
  5. Four Square: Set up a four square game using masking tape.  Play with a soft ball.

Other indoor ideas:

  • Indoor Olympics
  • Freeze Tag Yoga
  • Wall Sit Competition
  • Easter Ring Toss
  • Stilts
  • Dodge Ball
  • Exercise Carnival
  • Hula Hoop
  • The Exercise Ball