jump rope sequence

Today I began double jump rope with 1st and 2nd graders. I used the following sequence and it worked very well:
1. With students sitting, I demonstrated turning the rope. I used a student helper who I knew had some experience. I emphasized watching each other to make sure you were turning together and keeping the pace steady. Also, making sure the rope was just brushing the floor and not too high. They were to complete 10 good turns then trade (they were in groups of 4)
2. Once they seemed to have an overall grasp of turning together, I had them swing the rope back and forth while someone jumped over it side-to-side. This gave some confidence to some of the less-able jumpers and more practice of steady swinging and keeping the rope on the floor.
3. Finally, I let them do an overhead swing with someone jumping. They were excited to get to this point and most kids were successful.

The sequence went a lot faster with the second graders. They are so much more coordinated and able just a year later. The side to side swinging seemed to be good practice for both grades and I think they were surprised at the challenge of jumping over the rope on the ground.