More Jump Rope

I have also been doing jump rope with my 3rd and 4th graders and wanted at least one day with my 5th/6th classes. These older ages love to compete with a jump rope contest of who can jump the longest. I pass out ropes and give them about 5 minutes to practice and make sure they have a rope they are happy with. Then we start the contest. I tell them to begin and if they miss, they are out even if it is on the first jump. Also, I stress when they get out to sit down right where they are and not walk around so that other jumpers don’t get bumped. They love it and always want to do it more than once (I don’t let them!) After the contest, I give them a few minutes to work on a routine/trick and then end the class by letting them show their tricks. Some work individually and some with partners.

I wasn’t sure how 6th graders would like a jump rope class and I know most of them already know how so I tried this game: I divided the class into four groups of about 7 kids each. Each group had a long rope. Two members were turning and one would call out a name of another group member. That person would run in and start jumping. Then another name would be called out and that person would join the jumpers. One group got 4 kids jumping at once. They had fun and worked well as teams.

Also planned, but not enough time to try yet is a jump rope relay: jump down to cone and back, then pass the rope to the next person.