New warm-up idea

My warm-up routine has gotten a bit boring so I wanted to spice it up a bit for my younger students.  I placed 10 cones around the gym.  Each cone had 2 cards attached labeled with different warm-up exercises.  Some were stretches, some balance moves, and some locomotor movements.  The students chose a cone to start at.  I set the rule that no more than 4 students could be at a cone at a time.  I played music that paused at 30 second intervals. When the music paused, the students rotated to the next cone.  They could choose between the two cards which exercise they wanted to do at each station.  Total equaled a 5 minute warm-up session that was fun and gave them some autonomy.  The music added a fun boost as well.  My students really enjoyed it and it solved some management problems I have been having during warm-up time!

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