3 on 1 frisbee keep-away

My classes have been practicing their frisbee skills — catching and throwing.  I used this game as a final activity for my 3rd and 4th graders and as a lead-in to ultimate frisbee for my 5th and 6th.

Divide class into groups of 4 (groups of 3 or 5 also work).  Each group makes a playing field by using poly-spots to mark corners of a 10×10 box (I teach them to take big steps and count off 10 paces).  Each group has one person that is defense and the other 3 are offense.  Offense tries to keep the frisbee from the defense.  Basic rules are:

1. person with the frisbee may not take steps

2. must pass the frisbee within 3 seconds

3.  players must stay 3 feet from each other

4.  if the frisbee is thrown out-of-bounds, the thrower becomes the defense

5.  if a catch is missed or dropped, the catcher becomes the defense

6.  if the defense intercepts the pass, he or she chooses who becomes the next defensive player

I add the option that if I blow the whistle, a new person becomes the defensive player.  With my younger classes, I had to help some groups understand the idea of the defense trying to get in the middle of the offensive players to intercept; and also showing the offensive players how to move around when they don’t have the frisbee in hand.  Once they get the hang of it, they have a great time.  My older classes were playing within seconds and kept an active game going.  It was a fun spring-time activity.

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