Straddle Ball

Here is a quick and easy game that doesn’t require a lot of equipment.  It also can be done in small spaces so it works well for classroom teachers that want to get kids moving a bit.

Students get in groups of 5-6.  They form a big circle facing in and take a wide stance with the side edges of their feet touching.  Place a playground ball in the center of the circle.  Players try to score a “goal” by rolling the ball between someone else’s legs.  They can block with their hands, but cannot move their feet.  They should try and keep the ball rolling, not bouncing in the air (for safety).

My students had a lot of fun with this once they got the ball rolling fast.  You can add movement by having the student who lets a goal get by run a lap, etc.  Scoring is optional depending on the level of competition you want to have.  Quick and easy games like this are great to have in your head when you need a quick filler.


  • It is super hot out and we do outdoor PE. This is a good game when we are trying to stand in the minimal shade out on the field. Just to make sure I’m picturing the game right…this is a hands only game, right?

    • Yes, hands only. If they use feet, someone is going to get a ball in the face. I understand the heat and shade issue! This also works in a classroom if you get kicked out of your gym.

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