Scooter tip

I learned the greatest scooter tip at a collaboration meeting this week. I have always had trouble with the smaller children smashing their fingers when the scooter tips and they are holding on to the handles. Ouch! Another teacher suggested having them hold onto the […]

Rhythm sticks

I found 2 boxes of rhythm sticks in my closet and decided to try them out with my 1st and 2nd graders. It turned out to be a good activity for hand-eye coordination. I organized the class into a large circle with one stick per […]

“Scooter Town”

This was a fun activity culminating our scooter work. It also brought back some favorites and allowed for some exploration of activities we don’t really have time to try. I did it with my 3rd and 4th grades and they LOVED it. I ended up […]


scooter S

This post has been permanently moved to Health Beet I have been using scooters this week with my lower grades (K-4). The kids love the scooters! It was especially fun introducing them to kindergarten for the first time. I begin the lesson by demonstrating sitting […]

Modified Volleyball

Playing volleyball with 36+ students in one small gym mandates some modifications. More than two teams are needed and I don’t like a lot of down time for waiting students. I am using rotations similar to what we did a couple of weeks ago with […]


I have a lot of volleyball fans in my 6th grade classes. I wanted to work on the sport, but we really don’t have enough room for games; nor do we have very many volleyballs (only 1 real one!) I am planning on trying some […]

Fitness Stations

We have tried a lot of new things this year in PE with 1st and 2nd graders. The fun thing about those grades is that everything is new and exciting. They are game to try anything. On the other hand their attention span is shorter, […]

Just A Minute

This week we did a fun fitness-themed lesson in first and second grade. We started out reading the book, Just A Minute. Then we had a discussion about how long a minute was. I had all the kids close their eyes and put their heads […]