Scarf Juggling

My first and second graders really loved playing with scarves this week.  They are a colorful and fun manipulative to try.  I first passed them out and we played “freeze dance” while holding the scarf.  They loved dancing around with a scarf in hand.  We […]

Soccer Golf

We have been practicing soccer skills, mainly different kinds of kicks in PE this month.  This game was a fun, quick way to practice. Students find a partner Each partnership needs 1 ball and 1 hula hoop You need a large playing area (perfect for […]

Double Tag

My classes love to play tag games and this one adds a little extra fitness: Divide playing area in half using cones to mark dividing line.  Use 2 cones in each area to mark a “door”.  There is a tag game going on in each […]


I decided to have a theme this year for my PE classes.  I’m not the most creative in this area, but what I came up with is working great!  I started class wearing a pair of sunglasses and told the students that these “shades” were […]

Centipede Relay

Centipede Relay is a fun game that can be played indoors or outdoors.  It is a good cardiovascular activity as the students really get moving, but can be done in smaller spaces.  The game works with small or large groups; just adjust the amount of […]

4-way capture the flag

I have never been a fan of the game “capture the flag”.  When I tried it with my classes I always ended up with a lot of students standing around and plenty of fighting over rules being followed.  However, I get asked by students to […]

3 on 1 frisbee keep-away

My classes have been practicing their frisbee skills — catching and throwing.  I used this game as a final activity for my 3rd and 4th graders and as a lead-in to ultimate frisbee for my 5th and 6th. Divide class into groups of 4 (groups […]