We have been working on throwing and catching in 1st and 2nd grade.  This creative story and game made practicing the skills fun. Set-up: Make a big rectangle using cones or poly spots.  This is the ship. Throw 8-10 hula hoops around the ship — […]

Ball Chase

Here is a fun, fast, and easy game idea: I labeled old tennis balls with numbers 1-8 (or how ever many groups you want to have).  Then labeled five or six extra balls with random symbols (triangle, smiley face, star, etc).  I divide the class […]

Frisbee Tag

My 3rd and 4th graders have been working on frisbee skills.  We worked on backhand throw and 2-hand clap catch.  We spent the bulk of class practicing with a partner using a regular plastic frisbee.  I ended the lesson by switching to some foam frisbees […]

New warm-up idea

My warm-up routine has gotten a bit boring so I wanted to spice it up a bit for my younger students.  I placed 10 cones around the gym.  Each cone had 2 cards attached labeled with different warm-up exercises.  Some were stretches, some balance moves, […]

Fast Hands

Here is a fast an activity that little ones love.  It requires almost no equipment and can be done in limited space. Children partner up and sit cross-legged facing each other.  Place a bean bag between them.  I give 3 cues: “middle”   bean bag […]

Jump Bands

Have you ever seen jump bands?  They are a new piece of equipment I have been trying out.  They are long, stretchy bands with a handle on each end.  Two players stand across from each other and hook the handles of 2 bands over their […]

Balancing Act

I tried a new lesson last week with my 1st and 2nd graders.  I drew up  balancing tricks on cards to have them work on body control.   Easy stick figures that show arm and leg positioning will work fine.  I tried the lesson 2 […]

Animal movement

This week I tried a fun new activity with 1st and 2nd grades. I placed poly-spots all around the gym floor. Each child stood on a spot. I then held up a card with an animal movement. When the music started, they had to move […]


This year I grouped my fifth and sixth grade classes into squads and it has been a great management, motivational, and learning tool. Each class (about 36 students) is divided into 4 squads of 8-10 students. Each squad has a team captain, a warm-up captain, […]