Noodle Ninja

This game is a favorite with my classes and is especially effective with 3rd and 4th grades.  It is good for cardio exercise and to get the class mixing together and playing with lots of different friends.  It is also a fun use of new […]

“UNO” warm-up game

I pulled out an old set of “UNO” cards this week and used them for a quick and easy warm-up with my K, 1, and 2 classes. Give each child an UNO card.  Assign each color a locomotor movement.  For example: red=skip green = slither […]

“Frozen” tag

Does anyone else have young classes that are obsessed with the movie Frozen?  My students love it when I put on Frozen music for them to listen to while we are doing our activities.  We have danced with ribbon wands to Frozen, learned to scarf […]

beach-volley game

In 5th and 6th grade we have been working on the volleyball skills of bump and set.  At the end of each class period we played this game with a beach ball to practice the skills in a fun way. Divide gym space into 4 […]

Multiplication Pyramid

Combining movement with brain work is a great way to improve learning and I am trying to do more of this in my classes.  This week I tried this fun game that combines practice on multiplication skills with cardio movement.  My classes loved it!  The […]

Animal movement warm-up idea

Last week in class, I taught my animal movement lesson plan (see here).  Today I wanted to do something new with my warm-ups so I tried this: Set up 6 cones spaced apart in the gym Label each cone with an animal movement:  crab walk, […]

Beginning Toss and Catch Lesson

I taught some beginning tossing and catching skills to my kindergarten classes this week.  The sequence went smooth and the students had a great time.  I began by placing poly spots around the floor and had them all sit on a spot.  I then demonstrated […]